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    Fields on Form one to Many relationship

    I have a sub form which has a one to many relationship. All the Combo Boxes select data correctly, but if anyone of the Combo Boxes is left blank the record is not saved.
    I have checked the fields in the table and as not required. there are 3 Combo Boxes on the Form.
    Does anyone know where to look further?

    The error is as follows

    You tried to assign the Null value to a variable that is not a Variant data type. (Error 3162)

    The Combo Box updates a normal data entry field

    All of the records without these 3 fields populated are no longer seen on the form.

    I have imported data from an excel spreadsheet, that is why there are blank fields, I intend to enter these fields as required. The table has 18000+ records of
    possibly 30% have missing data in those 3 fields.

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    Make sure your fields allow nulls,
    and set a default value,if null, to prevent this error.

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