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    Deployment and Installation

    Not sure if this belongs here as it doesn't specifically relate to SQL Server, but I am curious if there good way to deploy My Access front end.

    What I need is some sort of installation package that will first install Access Runtime 2016, then install the ODBC driver, and then install the database into a directory location.

    I have just played with windows installer but it seems to only want to work with .exe files and it didn't look like it would do what I wanted.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    depends what you mean by deploy? if you are in a corporate environment, usual basis is to send the new user a shortcut to a batch file to install the app. The same batch file can also do things like check for current version and replace the fe if required

    But if you want an installer there are a number of installer apps out there - I use Inno

    be aware the runtime is large so if you are planning to email your installer it is likely to fail. There are also potential issues if your client already has a different version of access (or same version bit different bitness) and/or in a corporate environment does not have the rights to install a program.

    Better to have your script inspect the client setup to determine if access is installed and its version then point them in the direction of a site to download the appropriate runtime.

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    Thanks Ajax,

    Not in a corporate environment, I have my backend in an Azure type Cloud Service and my users are all over the state, and mostly not very tech savvy. (trying to deploy this to a bunch of sober living homes, most computers don't have MS Office, and I would be suppressed if any of them had Access)

    I know Runtime is big and haven't figured out what I am going to do about that. just in the early stages of "What if" and "Maybe this will work"

    thank you for the Inno idea I will look into that.

    Thanks again

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    Inno is free and works well but is entirely script based.
    There are various other installation software programs available that use a wizard like approach including SSE Setup and SamLogic Visual Installer.
    I use SamLogic VI Pro which also includes a scripting feature which makes it particularly powerful.

    If you really want to include Runtime as part of the EXE file produced, consider distributing via a website or a Dropbox folder shared with selected clients.
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    After you get Access loaded, you can check in VBA what ODBC drivers they have loaded, and carry on or prompt them to download the latest version.
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