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    Passing a Picture frame as a parameter

    Private Sub getImage(ByVal lookup As String, activity As Image)
        lookup = Replace(item, " ", "")
        activity .Picture = CurrentProject.Path & "\images\activities\" & lookup & ".bmp"
        activity .ControlTipText = "Wewt"
    End Sub
    I can't get this to work and I'm beyond fuming right now. I've tried ObjectFrame, Object, TextBox, etc and it doesn't work.

    I'm passing a string from a Lookup column and the picture box to place the picture in.

    Lookup Column = "Eat Food"
    Picture Box = activity
    getImage (column), (activity)
    WTH is going on?!

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    I figured it out. Turns out, my code was working perfectly, just my call was wrong. I thought you had to enclose params with Paren's

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