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    Fumbling through Nulls Issue

    As I said, I am just Fumbling through this with almost no understanding of what I am doing.

    recently uploaded my back end tables to a server via SQL Server (not me, I had to have someone else do it) now I am just trying to go through and get everything working like it did when it was a single access db

    anyway, I was trying to enter a new record in a subform
    i can enter the information into the new record line but cant move forward from there (which makes sense because of the error is saying i have a null somewhere)

    the error is

    [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server] Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'DuesTrackID',table'db789011d180ae44c8acc5ad100006 8.dbo.tbl_ChapterDuesTrack'; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails(#515)[Microsoft....... The statement has been terminated(#3621)

    I understand this is saying I cant insert a NULL into the column 'DuesTrackID'

    I don't understand why it is trying to insert a NULL into that column (maybe a stupid question but shouldn't it be auto entering the next ID# if it is the PK Field)

    Thanks for the help,

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    I have never played with SQL Server and Access, but shouldn't the Identity Increment be at least 1?
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    Yeah, I was just realizing that this is related to (or the exact same) problem I had a few months ago,
    the solution as I understand it is I have to delete and re-create the entire table because the properties of that field can not be edited.
    well, maybe this time I will learn it well enough to remember it

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    As you probably now realize,
    In SQL Server, the Identity property is the equivalent of Access Primary Key Autonumber.

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