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    Access Report Drill Down Multiple Layers

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been scouring the forum for an answer to this question and have found some close topics but not quite what I am looking for.

    My questions goes like this:

    I have two tables (Literature and Reference)

    Literature has two columns (Serial_Number(unique) and Title)
    Reference has three columns (Index(unique), SerialNumber and Reference)

    Some sample data looks like this:

    Serial_Number, Title
    HD456KH45, Rome Zoning Plans for 180.
    RTHS1964, Aquaducts: Who Needs Them
    SADA5464, Lessons From Alexandria
    444642SSG, Roman Warhorses Added to Batallion
    FAAG44, Senate Optimistic About Roman Construction Timeline
    FDSKJH452, Labor Strikes in Rome Delays Aquaduct
    002, Rome Built in a Day
    003, Roman Construction Unlikely to Meet Deadline
    456, Carthage Sends Envoy to Maximus


    Index, Serial Number, Ref001
    1, HD456KH45, RTHS1964
    2, HD456KH45, SADA5464
    3, HD456KH45, FAAG44
    4, SADA5464, FDSKJH452
    5, RTHS1964, 002
    6, 444642SSG, 456
    7, FAAG44, 002
    8, FAAG44, 003
    9, FDSKJH452, 003

    Please note the one to many relationship between Literature.Serial_Number and Reference.SerialNumber.

    After I create a one to many relationship using an inner join my query returns a dataset that I expect. So onto the question. I would like to be able to present this query result in a form or report that has a drill down function similar to an excel pivot table but with multiple layers. The +/- being an expand collapse control object. The output would look something like this:

    - HD456KH45
    - RTHS1964
    - 002
    + SADA5464
    + FAAG44

    Any information on how to display multilayer drill downs would be greatly appreciated.

    PS I also posted a similar question in an excel forum for pivot tables as I can try to create the same data structure but run into the multiple layer issue with both platforms.
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    Access reports basically have no user interaction, so no drill down. Subreports are doable but they don't provide any sort of pivot table functionality. Access forms don't have pivot table capability either. Not sure if a tree view control would give you what you want but I suspect not. Even so, they are tricky to use and lack documentation and a full property/event listing in the property sheet.

    Another potential method is breaking up data into subforms which are then placed on a tab control. Last and probably least useful to you would be loading a table into a subform control where that table has subform data sheet enabled. However that would only provide one drill down level, unless perhaps the "child" tables also have subform data sheets on them. That is something I never use because I adhere to the principle of not exposing tables to users so I'm not sure of what you'd get with that. This might be a job for Excel.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Something to be aware of:
    Quote Originally Posted by whitechr View Post
    I have two tables (Literature and Reference)

    Literature has two columns (Serial_Number(unique) and Title)
    Reference has three columns (Index(unique), SerialNumber and Reference)
    You should not have "Index" as an object name - it is a reserved word in Access, ODBC and SQL (JET reserved (kb248738);SQL Server reserved;ODBC (kb125948))
    A better field name would be "ReferenceID" or even better "ReferenceID_PK"
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