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    Text Box Input Mask Not Behaving as Expected - SQL Server Back End



    I'm using an Access front end with an Azure SQL Server back end. In the past, in separate text boxes for the phone and extension, I've successfully used input masks to present phone numbers/extensions as: (321) 555-1212 x321.

    For reasons I won't bore you with, I'm attempting to store phone+extension as raw data in one SQL Server column. For example, a phone + extension that is to appear to users on the Access form as (321) 555-1212 x321 is to be stored as 3215551212321.

    Using the !\(999") "000\-0000;0;0;# input mask, I am successful in displaying the first ten digits of output appear as expected → (321) 555-1212.

    I have failed, however, to display the digits subsequent to the first ten digits as "x321".

    For example, I have tried the input mask !\(000") "000\-0000 x9999999;;#
    but that displays as shown in the attached image below. The yellow highlight shows how that results in (7) #'s before the number starts.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Every input mask variation I've tried that adds an attempt to mask the extension has resulted in the same failure.

    If anyone knows the input mask that will provide the (321) 555-1212 x321 format for varying length numbers (up to 17 digits) please let me know.

    Thank you!

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    It's because you are displaying characters right to left (the ! character), remove that and it works OK

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    Ha! That's hilarious. I tried it previously without the "!" and received the same, poor results.

    I tried it this time and it worked. Ajax, my day just got better. Thank you.

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