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    Dim rst as Recordset returning error as a user defined type not defined

    Our company is requiring me to move my Access apps to a new server. When I test it in the new location, the commands Dim rst as Recordset and Dim db as Database both return compile errors that the "user defined type" is not defined. Using DAO.Recordset does not fix it. Is there something needed to be added to or selected in the Office 365 setup on the new server to make Access recognize these statements? Thanks!

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    After looking at some other posts, I changed my code to simply Dim rst and Dim db, then set them later. That worked. Apparently Dim xx as xx is not the way to go any longer?

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    Probably a reference, but I neve know which one?
    I'd also say being specific is better than not?
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    IIRC, DAO is now part of the Microsoft Office 16.0 Access database engine Object Library, which I thought should be selected by default. Check to see that it is referenced. I also recall that you cannot reference DAO libraries in versions 2016 and up if that one is already selected - perhaps even a bit earlier.
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    Maybe Dim rst as Object

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