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    Where/How do I begin?

    Hey Everyone!

    I just started trying to get into access and I long story short, I'm kind of lost trying to figure out how to get started learning how to use Access. In the past I've done 95% of my work via excel. I started using that to create simple forms and eventually used it to create data tables for analysis.

    I'm working on trying to create a type of free-form filter (for lack of better term) for this massive data sheet I have in excel, but unfortunately I think I've reached the limitations of what excel can do and I'm thinking I may have to explore Access if I want to do it right. By free form filter, I mean a filter where the user can input a list of criterias, in any order, and that the table will output that value onto a sheet. The closest example I can get to this is like McMaster Carr and how if you want to search for an item, you initially start with a huge selection of categories and each time you click another category, it updates the next selection list based on what you have previously selected and so on until you get one or two items.

    Like I said, I am ultra new to Access and I'm just trying to wrap my head around this beast of a program lol any help would go a long way

    Thanks guys

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    There's a slight learning curve to unlearn the Excel way and get the relational table think. Once done, you can get any data you need just by asking.
    Most everything can be done with forms, queries and macros.
    If you want to learn the vb programming, it can add some special features.

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    There are several articles in various formats in this material on Database Planning and Design.
    I suggest the Intro to Database as a starting point. Database is built on a different object model than spreadsheet.
    The concept and practice of Normalization is key to database.

    Unlearning or trying to ignore things you have become accustomed to in Excel is often the big hurdle when moving to database.

    There are several articles on Normalization available through Google.

    For practical experience to learning database, I recommend the tutorials from RogersAccessLibrary in the link provided above.

    Good luck.

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    As noted, db normalization is key. There are a lot of other factors that if known, can go a long way to preventing many headaches. 50 hours of study can prevent 150 hours of aggravation. This is my own stock of favourites.
    Normalization Parts I, II, III, IV, and V

    Entity-Relationship Diagramming: Part I, II, III and IV

    How do I Create an Application in Microsoft Access?

    Important for success:
    Naming conventions -

    What not to use in names

    About Auto Numbers

    The evils of lookup fields -
    Table and PK design tips -
    About calculated table fields -
    About Multi Value Fields -
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
    Iím telling everyone it's good to eat dried grapes. Itís all about raisin awareness.

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    Thanks everyone!

    Looks like I got some homework to do lol. I briefly looked over the concept of normalization and I think I was somewhat in the ballpark of implementing that in my datasheets, just didn't know there was a term for it. I'll definitely come back to this and let you guys know what I run into.

    Again, thank you all~

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