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    Problem with details section of report addiing to many rows

    Hi everybody
    I am working on a Database for our Sailing club.
    I have built a report that is not working the way it should:
    Members of the club are supposed to work 10 hours/year on common labor (cleaning, boats maintenance, etc.)

    Members of the same family are allowed to combine their “Due work hours” (i.e. one family member works 15 hours and the other one only 5 hours)
    On the report the “Worked Hours” are added as (), the result (∑ geleistet) is subtracted from the “Due hours” (Sollstunden) and the result appears as “Rest”.
    The problem is that Access adds 10 more “Due hours” for every new line of worked hours.
    (see the red circles)
    How can I build this report so that the “Due Hours” are added for all family members, but that Access does not add 10 new “Due Hours” for every new line in the detail section of the report?

    Any suggestion?
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    Looks to me like you have Removed Duplicates and those lines will have the extra values?
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    Can you show the report in design view and its record source? Looks like you get the due hours duplicated for each day of actual work done, so you will need to either use a subreport for the actual work or replace the sum of due hours by a simple dSum grouped by family id to bypass the extras on the report.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Vlad
    Thank you for your comments
    I'm not sure you will be able to see somthing on these screenshots
    [Due hours] (Pflichtstunden) are calculated by a function (First Year) : 10 hours for old members and proportionaly less for members who join in during the running year. This funtion has an argument taken from the column [Eintrit] (Entry year).

    I will explore your suggestions in the next days

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