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    Unhappy How to repurpose user input from query criteria to generate header on Report

    Hi, I am pretty new to using MS Access and still learning all its features.

    I am using a simple report generation button on a form, which will call a query and find all records for a specific, user defined, date range.
    In the query criteria I ask a simple >=[Start Date] AND <=[End Date]

    For beautification purposes I would like to store that user input in a dynamic StartDateSearch and EndDateSearch field. The end
    goal would be to use those fields to generate a header on the report that reads "Records from" [StartDateSearch] "to" [EndDateSearch].

    Is there a way to save user inputs in this way, or write a subroutine within the criteria field of a query to allocate the input to a field on a report?


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    use a form with date fields: txtStartDate, txtEndDate.
    then the sql is : select * from table where [datefield] between forms!fMyForm!txtStartDate and forms!fMyForm!txtEndDate

    user can manually enter dates in the 2 boxes or pick them in the Picker tool.

    the report caption can then be in the query:
    "Report range between " & forms!fMyForm!txtStartDate & " and " & forms!fMyForm!txtEnddate

    add this field to the report.

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    Oh perfect. I didnt think about creating a form for the user input rather than using the dialog window.

    Worked like a charm, thank you.

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