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    multiple choice list as a criteria in a query?


    i have never used multiple choice list in Access

    Question about multiple-choice list fields: Obviously, using the "value" property of a multiple-choice list directly as a criteria for a query does not work.

    How can you easily use a multiple choice list as a criteria in a query?

    In other words, how to concatenate the various selected values and put them in criteria of a query?

    Should we write a function that concatenates these selected values with an "OR" between each value and use this function as a criteria?
    Or use an "IN SELECT (value1, value2 ....)?

    Thanks a lot for your help


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    The IN () condition is a way to go I think. But there are 2 ways to do it.
    1. When you can create a subquery, which returns all values you need, the syntax will be
    SELECT ... FROM YourTable1 WHERE ConditionField IN (Select ConditionValue FROM YourTable2 WHERE ...)
    , and you can simply run the query, or you call it from some procedure or control event;

    2. When you can run a procedure, which returns a comma-separated string of all condition values you need, the code will be something like
    Dim QueryString AS String
    Dim ConditionList AS String
    Dim AllConditonsFound AS Boolean
    ConditionList = ""
    AllConditionsFound = FALSE
    While Not AllConditionsFound
         ConditionList = ConditionList & Iif(ConditionList = "", "", ",") & NextConditionExpression
         AllConditionsFound = ConditionCheckExpression
    QueryString = "SELECT ... FROM YourTable1 WHERE ConditionField IN (" & ConditionList & ")"
    Using QueryString: Run the query/Run a report with query as source/Update form's Record Source/Do whatever

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    Thanks a lot ArviLaanemets

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