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    Using Windows Media Player in Access Form.

    I have added Windows Media Player 9 Active X to one of my Access 2007 forms to play video files.

    Have just about managed to get it to work, but there is a show stopper. The size of the video keeps changing.
    I have code
    With Me.WindowsMediaPlayer9
    .stretchToFit = True
    ' .currentPlaylist.Clear
    .Width = 10521
    .Height = 7014
    .Top = 3312
    .Left = 6480
    .settings.volume = 100
    End With

    before each call to show the Video file.

    The Height is always correct, but on each alternate call, the width changes between the correct width and about 1/3 the width. Can't fathom
    what is causing this. The .wmv file is always the same one, so it is not different files.

    Another less important issue is that in the WMP it shows Playlist xxx, where xxx increments on each call. Playlist is irrelevant to me, so just want this
    to be blank or some default value.

    I know this is a long shot, as probably few people use WMP and probably not in Access 2007.

    Would be wonderful if anyone knows how to fix this.

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    Have now sort of fixed the problems.
    The Playlist was fixed by using the method .currentPlaylist.Name = "My text"
    The size problem I fixed using a cludge. After the code in the original post, I have added
    If Me.WindowsMediaPlayer.Width < correctwidth Then
    Me.WindowsMediaPlayer.Width = correctwidth
    End If
    Amazingly this work around fixes it.
    There is still an annoying problem of a black square appearing for a split second near the top of the form (not where the WMP is located).
    This is despite Application.Echo = false until the WMP has been correctly resized.
    May have to live with this one.

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    Smile Solved

    Problem now solved.
    If I make the WMP visible before changing the attributes and setting URL etc, the WMP always starts the correct size without any black box flashes.
    The problem seemed to occur if the .visible = True was set after the attributes had been set.
    Not sure of the reason for that.

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    Good of you to post your observations and solutions. Thanks!
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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