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    verifying data enter between form and table

    Still kinda new to ACCES. WHat is have is a reservation system.

    I have a table with the schedule for the season. When I create the reservation for a person using a form which is updating another table called ResTrip, when they pick the date they want to go, I want to make sure it is in the schedule table

    If they pick an non-existent date,, I want a message to appear "Invalid date", otherwise just continue.

    It should be a simple IF THEN ELSE but can't figure out how to get a YES/NO answer out of a query so I can do a logic compare. I was hoping to put this in a Macro, still learning VBA

    I was thinking using DLOOPKUP, but no joy yet.

    Any suggestions?

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    Really not enough information about your dB to give a valid answer. It would help if you would post your dB.

    My question to you is why do you allow an invalid date to be selected? You have a table with the schedule for the season. Limit the date selections to valid dates.
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    a textbox bound to a date field will give INVALID DATE error naturally , with no programming involved.

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    A ssanfu suggested --would be good to see a description of your database requirements and a copy of your current efforts.

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