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    One table has a field "Job_File" that is a hyperlink. It appears that is not allowed?

    * Error 0xc0208265: Data Flow Task 1: Failed to retrieve long data for column "Job_File".
    (SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

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    Ah - I forgot about those - never used them...

    Hyperlink, Attachment, Lookup & Multivalued fields are all athema to the "Big boy" database backends.

    If you have a google I have seen some tricks to move a hyperlink field into a normal text field, and store the "URL" caption to a secondary field.
    This enables you to still use them with a bit of adjustment to the way they are displayed and opened..
    DLookup Syntax and others
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    It appears that the hyperlink was not the issue, "garbage" in 1 of the records was the culprit. We omitted that record from the import and all is good now.
    Thank you for your help!!

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    Tip: if you migrate a database from Access to SQL server, this is a great moment to look at the design of your database and clean it up. It's also the right time to learn about the data types existing in SQL server. What works for me:
    step 1: analyze the Access database and look if there exist groups of tables. Example: tables for contacts registration, tables with sales data, ... .
    step 2: create on SQL server the necessary schema's for tgose tables. In the example: schema contacts and sales
    step 3: look at the access tables and cleanup the design: remove unused fields, look at relations, ect. .
    step 4: Look at the data and clean up orphans or double info if existing
    step 5: create manually the new tables on SQL server in the correct schema and choose the most appropriate SQL data types. This way you learn about SQL server and you end up with a thorough knowledge of how the tables on SQL server are designed.
    step 6: set Primary Keys, Foreign keys, constraints and defaults on the SQL server fields
    step 7: import data. This can either be done from the SQL server end using a SSIS package or by linking the new empty tables to Access and use append queries in Access
    step 8: check the data and test if all in the Access application still works.

    Kind regards

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    Thank you.
    Great suggestions!

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