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    Query return zero counts

    I have a query that returns all DeIDBased with at least one record, but I have some DeIDBased that have no records, I would like my query to return all DeIDBased even those without records, right now I have 429 DeIDBased, out of those 299 have 1 or more records, the query only returns 299 results, i would like to see all 429 but display zero or blanks if a DeIDbased does not have a record.

    This is my SQL:

    SELECT SATTotalBreakdown.DeIDBased, Count(SATTotalBreakdown.DeID) AS CountOfDeID, Count(SATTotalBreakdown.CollectioDate) AS CountOfCollectioDate, Count(SATTotalBreakdown.ShipDate) AS CountOfShipDate

    FROM SATTotalBreakdown

    GROUP BY SATTotalBreakdown.DeIDBased;

    Screenshot attached
    Thanks in advance.

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    Typically you would add the table containing the DeIDBased items, joining on that field. Edit the join to return all records from that table.
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