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    updating two linked tables

    Wish I could remember the stuff I forgot.

    I have a small DB that tracks the movement of serial-numbered things between sites.
    The event table is essentially a transaction log of movement events.

    [ event table]
    eventid auto PrimaryKey
    date date/time
    serial_num unique item identifier
    from location moved from
    to location moved to

    I'd like to be able to
    1.) determine the last place a thing was sent (last_location)
    2.) count items at each site by type (item_type)

    so i created another table containing some attributes of each item by it's serial number.

    [attribute table]
    serial_num PrimaryKey

    I then foolishly tried to update the two linked tables by query using the serial_num field relationship. It choked trying to enter anything in the attribute_table...
    Likely this is because there is no entry in the attribute table for this serial number yet...
    It doesn't exist in "attribute_table" yet and i can't prepopulate this table with the serial number of every item.

    Perhaps the best thing would be to not try to use a query where the tables are linked...
    I suppose I could update the event table and then on the same form and copy the "To" field using a macro to into the attribute table as items are moved.

    I swear I did something akin to this long ago...

    [event table]
    eventid auto PK
    date date/time [attribute table]
    serial_num unique item identifier --------> serial_num PK
    from location moved from item_mfgr
    to location moved to item_type

    What am i doing wrong?

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    Can you post a copy of your database-- just enough data to show the intent?

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    Welcome to the forum...

    While waiting to see if you are going to post your dB, I played around with your description of what you think the tables should be. This is where I would start:

    EquipmentID_PK        Autonumber    (PrimaryKey)
    EquipTypeID_FK        Long Integer  (Link to tblEquipTypes)
    Equip_MFGR            Text           (<<-- could be a FK field to tblMFGR)
    Equip_Serial_Num      Text
    EquipTypeID_PK        Autonumber      (PrimaryKey)
    EquipTypeDesc         Text
    SiteID_PK              Autonumber       (PrimaryKey)
    SiteName               Text
    SiteLocation           Text
    EventID_PK             Autonumber    (PrimaryKey)
    EquipmentID_FK         Long Integer    (Link to tblEquipment)
    MoveFrom_SiteID_FK     Long Integer    (Link to tblSites)
    MoveTo_SiteID_FK       Long Integer    (Link to tblSites)
    EventDate              Date/time

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