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    Table lookup + forms


    Please help me with something.
    I have a few tables in my database; some of the fields in those tables are connected to another table through Lookup Wzard.
    The I have some forms based on those tables.
    I wolud like to show in form next to box where I choose something through lookup wizard all the adjacent values of the choosen product.

    For example:
    I pick article 1 in the combobox (defined automatically based on a table with lookup data) adn want to see next to that box all the paramters of Article 1 from the table of articles (price, unit of measure, notes)

    Can you help me to design this.


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    you can use a continuous form of all records, enter the search term in the unbound FIND box (in the header ) and only those records will filter.
    set the afterupdate event:

    sub txtFind_Afterupdate()
    If IsNull(txtFind) Then
       Me.FilterOn = False
          'fuzzy search
       Me.Filter = "[ItemName] like '*" & me.txtFind & "*'"
         'exact search
       'Me.Filter = "[ItemName] = '" & me.txtFind & "'"
       Me.FilterOn = True
    End If
    end sub

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    Welcome to the forum...

    Be aware that most, if not all, experienced developers do not recommend using look up FIELDS (different than look up tables).
    The Ten Commandments of Access
    The Evils of Lookup Fields in Tables

    You should only use forms to add/edit data. Users should never interact directly with a table or query.
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Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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