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    Simple and cost effective cloud backend storage?

    Hello. Some context...

    We have a company wide "MasterDatabase" that is about 80MB in size and has several queries and forms for importing/exporting data etc.

    The database is currently shared via a file/folder sync service called DriveHQ. Each of the 4 or 5 remote users just syncs a copy of the .accdb file. Naturally, this causes a lot of headaches between file conflicts (two users opening at once) as well as accidental overwrites.

    I am looking for a simple and hopefully cost effective way to split this database, and host the back end on some sort of cloud service. I have been playing with Sharepoint but I don't fully understand what's supposed to be happening. I've also looked at MySQL but the costs are pretty tough to digest.

    The ultimate goal of course is that each of us can open our own front end copy to design queries and export data, etc. without worrying about conflicts as much. We use the data as read only about 99% of the time, and only add new data intermittently.


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    using the internet costs, there is nothing for free.

    do you not have a corporate network to put the BE on? VPN?

    Usually recommendations are to use terminal server or citrix if you want to access from anywhere. These also overcome the problem of connecting wirelessly and using non windows OS machines.

    You could look at using sql azure as your backend

    Your current solution is not workable, nor is one drive and similar.

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    Agree with Ajax.

    Azure on a small scale can be pretty cheap, but it depends on what you consider expensive.
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    Hello JRodko, see article and video I posted last night regarding SharePoint which works really well! I have 6 users using an Access front end on their machines at their homes pulling data from the database hosted in SharePoint.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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