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    data migration - populating an AutoNumber field

    I have just completed testing on a rewrite of an old Access database tool. the original plan was to just archive the old tool and start fresh with the new tool. HOWEVER, now management wants to bring the data into new tool. doing the remapping of the data to the new structure is not a problem except for the fact one of the key fields in the new tool is an AutoNumber field and i will have to map it directly to a non-autonumber field in the old data. there are a good number of skipped numbers in the sequence (1,2,5,6,10,......) what is the best way to move the data and keep the sequencing as it is in the old data. Access will not allow me to just paste the data without it renumbering.

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    you can make a field (long) to hold the old autonums, but you cant really
    add records to get the exact number sequence.

    Unless ,you dump the data into a 'temp' table,
    create 'fake' records for the missing numbers.
    then add them back to a new table (w autonum), in order, and they will fill autonum with the correct order.
    then remove the fakes.

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    Why can't you just use the old tables? Is this db properly split? If it was, there should be no such issue.
    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    creating fake records will work. dont know why I didnt think of that to begin with. Guess I was just trying to make it too hard....


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