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    Can I have more than one folder for saving databases

    I am working with several different Access databases, and would like to have a different default folder where each of them saves, rather than having the two mixed in the same folder. Is this possible?

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    what do you mean 'saves'? users should not save databases.
    database is already created and put in a folder. (preferably as a network shared folder)
    make as many folders as you like and store the db there, link a shortcut for all users to this db.

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    Thanks for your quick response (as usual!)

    I don't mean an "extra save", I am asking about where Access puts/stores the dbs.
    I have set the default folder from within one database, but would like a different default folder for the other.

    (This is unrelated to my backup copy on an external harddrive.)

    But, would you tell me what you mean by "link a shortcut."


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    The option of where to save is for new db's and it is an application wide setting. Any that exist and are opened do not need 'saving' and whatever you do to/in them becomes current for next time that db is opened (unless maybe there is a crash). So I don't understand what it is you're saying either. If you're creating db's and want them to be in different folders (e.g. for different users) just move them from the default - or as Ranman says, leave them all in the default folder and let users use desktop shortcuts to open them. Of course, that means if I can open mine in that folder, I can open any other.
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    OK..I think the answer for me lies in Micron's response, that the option of where is to save ..."is an application wide setting."
    I was thinking that a separate folder for each completely separate Access db would be smart (e.g., if you have to hand a whole db over to someone else, have to restore a folder, etc.)
    But, since this doesn't make sense to anyone, I'll drop it and move on.

    Thanks, as always!

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    You can create a db in any folder you wish as below. Also, after a DB is created you can move the .accdb file to any folder you wish. The folder has to be in a Trusted Location.

    Click image for larger version. 

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