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    Import from Excel to update table


    I became an "admin" (dont know why) of an long time used application based on Access2003. As I never worked with databases I would much appreciate help from experienced users.

    An excel file will be provided with that an update in 1 column should be performed. Now I am looking for the best approach.

    The excel file will look like this:
    CommercialID Comment1 Comment2 Comment3
    20233656 1 2 99
    20233656 5 99
    20233631 6 77
    20233631 77
    20233567 77
    20233567 77
    20233539 99
    20233539 99
    20233392 77

    The table itself:
    sortetech_nr sorte_eigtx1 sorte_eigtx2 sorte_eigtx3
    20233656 1 2
    20233656 5
    20233631 6

    In the excel file the column "Comment3" should update the table "sorte_eigtx3" no matter if that field is used or not based on Excelfile column "CommercialID" = table "sortetech_nr".

    Is it possible to update the table directly from the excel file?

    Does the Excel file needs to be imported in to a new table and then updated via sql?

    What would be the best way?

    Thanks a lot for having a look into this question

    Best Regards

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    databases store data in a different structure to excel. Excel 'tables' are short and wide', database tables are 'tall and narrow'. So just a warning, applying an excel structure to a database will lead to either something that only works with a lot of effort or at worst, won't work at all.

    with regards updating the db, do the following

    link to the excel file - you can use code (transferspreadsheet) to do this
    write a query to append the data from the linked table to it's final destination

    note: with the linked table, if another spreadsheet comes along, simply replace the one you originally linked to i.e. same name/location, you do not need to relink

    an alternative method would be to just use a query - syntax would be something like

    INSERT INTO myTable (fld1, fld2, etc)
    SELECT efld1, efld2, etc
    FROM (SELECT * FROM [sheet1$] AS xlData IN 'C:\docs\filename.xlsx'[Excel 12.0;HDR=yes;IMEX=0;ACCDB=Yes])  AS XL;

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    Just to add to Ajax's reply, the code shown will only add new records to the Access table; if you need to update existing ones you need to create a second Update query in which you join the Access table to the linked Excel by the sortetech_nr --- CommercialID.

    If all data entry is being done in Excel then you can simply replace the Access table everytime by using a Delete query to empty it followed by an append to populate it.

    Vlad Cucinschi
    MS Access Developer

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    Hi Ajax and Vlad,

    thanks for pointing me in to the right direction.

    Due to not recognized CommercialID in the excel file I exported the 2 columns, manipulated them and then imported them again.

    Afterwards I run the following query:

    UPDATE  sorteEN INNER JOIN newTable ON sorteEN.sortetech_nr = newTable.sortetech_nr
    SET sorteEN.sorte_eigtx3 = [newTable].[sorte_eigtx3];
    This performed the action I required.

    Thanks a lot

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