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    Saving invoices with services filtered by date for future reference

    Hi Everyone.

    I am currently trying to solve a problem with invoicing. The idea is to create an invoice that looks up all the work completed for one customer in the previous month and then create the invoice. I have no issues creating the invoice based on the work records, I can even search for invoices by Owner which will give me all services but only by adding the InvoiceID to the services table manually. how can I save the services details with the invoice ID/Number to be able to to review the invoice at a later date. I have a feeling this is an easy fix but I just can't see it.

    All linked with their respective ID's

    I have looked at various examples on the internet but they all seem to concentrate on sales invoices created by using a drop down box to select items but I don't want to have to select 30+ services each time I create an invoice. So my question is: How do I get the invoice number or ID to register on each individual service OR am I just going about it the wrong way.

    I would be grateful for any advice.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Can you post a screenshot of your relationships?

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    I'm guessing your services records have an empty field for InvoiceRef?

    In which case

    SELECT * FROM Services 
    WHERE InvoiceRef Is Null And CustomerID = EnterYourCustRef
    Will select the records you want. Then

    UPDATE Services SET InvoiceRef = [Enter the invoice ref here] 
    WHERE InvoiceRef Is Null And CustomerID = EnterYourCustRef
    Would update the same records with the InvoiceRef

    Obviously, you could use a form to get the criteria and automate the invoice number value from your invoices table.
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