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    Append Query not working

    Hi All

    In a bit of a bind as to why this is not working. I have some excel worksheets that hold dat for 2019, 2021 and of course now 2021. Each file is pulled into an access database via linking. Each month, I will update the linked table manager. I have a table called Combined Data, whereby I've created three append queries for each year. I created a Query Design, pulled in the 2020 table pulling in all fields, selected Append from the ribbon and have it set to append to the COMBINED DATA table and selected save. When I try to run that query either through the ribbon (RUN) or by double-clicking nothing happens at all. Oddly, I had a similar access database set up for something else where I did this same thing and have been using this for about 2 years simply double-clicking on the append query to run it, but now these append queries also do not work.
    Can anyone offer any assistance as to how to get this to run?

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    nothing happens at all
    I doubt that very much. It likely runs but doesn't do what you expect. Examine the query, especially the sql view. Perhaps that view will point out the problem. Can also try switching from sql view to datasheet view. This view of an action query will show you how many records should be affected (not necessarily the actual effect), often showing empty records. If you get none, something is wrong with your query (criteria or links) based on your expectations. The foregoing assumes you have not disabled warnings at some point.
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    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    instead of importing manually each time,do it this way:

    1. save the file (excel, or text) to a generic name everytime: c:\temp\File2import.xls (or File2import.txt)
    2. attach (link) the file as an external table, like tFile2Import
    3. make a query that appends data from tFile2Import table to the target table.
    this query would use * to import all fields with the same name, but if the 2 tables dont have the same names, you must add the source fields and target fields to the query.
    4. put this query in a macro, run the macro.

    Once this is done, the import steps are now:
    1. save the new file and overwrite the old one
    2. run the macro

    now what this does is let you open the append query and it will tell you what is wrong. A field is missing , or mispelled,etc.

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