I have 3 tables Named: Nursery database, Cutting Propagation, and Seedling Propagation. Each one of these tables has a field named "Botanical Name"

I created a tabbed form and displayed five fields at the top of the form from the nursery database table. The first field being "Botanical Name" Then I set up two tabs on that form... General and Propagation. The general tab contains fields from the Nursery database table. On the propagation tab I want to set up a list or combo box that displays four fields that are common in both the Cutting Propagtion table and the seedling propagation table. I want the access to populate each line in this list box with any data from either table based on the botanical name field displayed at the top of the form. So for example If I was viewing a botanical name of Acer palmatum at the top of the form and I have the Propagation tab selected it would display all records (of the four fields from both the Cutting Propagation table and the seedling Propagation table in a list box. If for example I had 2 records of acer palmatum in the cutting Propagation table and 3 records of acer palmatum in the seedling propation table it would display 5 records in list form base on the 4 common fields I want displayed. I then wish to be able to double click a line out of the list and have access present a form in a third window that I can view and or change data in. Is this posible?