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    Question don't want to show 0-Values in Report

    I tried to find out, what I have to do, so that 0-Values don't show up in reports...

    so far I have neither found the right place in the report nor in the field where I should define that...

    only found two hints about "formatting" in www but don't know where to add this information!?!?!
    (FJSOLLbrutto.Visible = Not FJSOLLbrutto = 0 .... or # ????????)

    the report in which I don't want to see 0-Values is called : Kontobisher
    one of the fields I want to hide, if it is 0, is called: FJSOLLbrutto

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    AND OR NOT are boolean comparison operators. Unless grouped their order of application can be something other than what you think is going on, plus IIRC they don't all take the same order of precedence. In other words wrt FJSOLLbrutto.Visible = Not FJSOLLbrutto = 0, which is being evaluated first?
    FJSOLLbrutto.Visible = Not FJSOLLbrutto and then =0 ?
    Not FJSOLLbrutto = 0 then FJSOLLbrutto.Visible = ? I don't try to remember so I can't answer for this specific case. Try a grouping that matches what you expect; e.g.

    FJSOLLbrutto.Visible = Not (FJSOLLbrutto = 0) or whatever it is you're after. Also, if a table field defaults to 0 and you create a record and omit a value, the report will show 0. You might have also put 0 as a default on the control itself (not sure if a report will exhibit the same behaviour as a form wrt control default value property). Not possible to pinpoint the issue with the limited info you provided.
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    - "doesn't work" doesn't help. Implement changes in copies of your database.
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    always helps to provide some example data. sounds like you have a record displaying say six fields


    and you want to see

    1..2..3.. ..3..2

    if so then use the format property of each control

    only found two hints about "formatting" in www but don't know where to add this information!?!?!
    the control format property. For numbers you set formats based on positive, negative, zero and null separated with a semi colon e.g. for the example above for each control put


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    You could use a custom number format in the control on the report. See Number and Currency data types (Format property)

    Look for the heading Custom formats and below the EXAMPLES header, look for The following are examples of custom number formats
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    great!!! thank you so much, the solution for my report seems to work with: #;#;"";""
    it looks much better/clearer , when I print out the account reports with only the necessary data!!! :-):-)

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