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    access, queries for report display


    I have a table "Customers" with fields as short_text data type

    ID CustNum CustName Status Received_flag Category_Flag
    1 1234 Akira Active Yes
    2 5456 Kate Active No
    3 3555 Kim Inactive No Yes
    4 9823 Jane Active Yes No
    5 4563 Jim Active Yes Yes

    Pls help to build / change a query to get below data:

    SELECT DISTINCTROW Count(*) AS [Count Of Customers], Count(Customers.Status) AS CountOfStatus, Count(Customers.Received_flag) AS CountOfReceived_flag, Count(Customers.Category_Flag) AS CountOfCategory_Flag
    FROM Customers
    WHERE (((Customers.Received_flag)="Yes")) OR (((Customers.Category_Flag)="Yes")) OR (((Customers.Status)="Active"));


    Total Count Of records | Count Status Active | Count Category Flag Yes | Count Received Flag Yes | Percentage Category
    5 | 4 | 2 | 3 | %

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    make 2 queries,Q1 to make value of the field result,
    Q2: count them

    select IIF([Active],1,0) as ActiveCt, IIF([Category_Flag]="Yes",1,0) as CataCt ... from table

    then Q2, sum the coumns:
    select sum(ActiveCt),Sum(CataCt) from Q1

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    Since all fields are short_text data type this won't be very efficient:

    SELECT Count(Customers.ID)                         AS CountOfCustomers, 
           Sum(IIf([Status] = "Active", 1, 0))         AS CountOfStatus, 
           Sum(IIf([Category_Flag] = "Yes", 1, 0))     AS CountOfCategory_Flag, 
           Sum(IIf([Received_flag] = "Yes", 1, 0))     AS CountOfReceived_flag, 
           [CountOfCategory_Flag] / [CountOfCustomers] AS PercentageCategory 
    FROM   Customers; 
    It would be better to use a foreign key to reference a customer, and to use a boolean for the received, category, and status flags. Even better still you might use integer datatypes instead of access' yes/no booleans:

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    thanks its working..
    I would like to add one more field Order_status containing values (Complete With change, Complete no change, Complete, Incomplete, Work in Progress, Pending)

    How can i amend this query to bring all completed values only (Complete With change, Complete no change, Complete).

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    ive used like in the conditions .. looks ok thanks a lot

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