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    keyboard failure

    I don't remember posting this, but if so....regrets for the duplicate)

    i initally started working with Access on a hp AOI. no problems(except in my head). Then I got a new Dell Inspiron 7700 AOI. It comes with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse..

    The problem is that so far ONLY WHILE WORKING IN ACCESS the kboard will unexpectedly become non-operating. I have replaced the Dell Kbd with the USB HP KBd and it persists in happening. When in access I can go into notepad and all is well.

    Anyone else have this kind of problem????????? thanks....

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    mine does that occasionally. I jiggle (or re-seat) the usb 'dongle' and it works again.

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    I too suspected the dongle but it happened with a usb keyboard too...

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    If the common factor is the USB slot you are using, it could be the naughty child.

    Try either the dongle or the keyboard in another USB port.
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