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    Can we make a loop to connect all tbls in be?


    I have following lines of vba code to connect BE table.

    CurrentDb.TableDefs("T_Addresses").Connect = _
    "MS Access;PWD=A*1965;DATABASE=\\inat\Admin HR\EMPLOYEES\OfferLetterDB_BE.accdb"

    I am thinking if it is possible to make a loop and connect ALL the tables in OfferLetterDB_BE.accdb. Because I have around 30 tbls in BE and for each tbl I have to write these 3 lines which is a lengthy work.

    Moreover, I may have another BE to connect with at the same location so again to write lengthy codelines.

    Is there anyway to make it in loop ?

    Anyhelp shall be appreciated..


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    No need to write code.
    just use the External data tool to link them in.

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    Instead of writing your own code, perhaps you could use JStreets auto relinker:
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    Bob Fitzpatrick

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    I use this to refresh the links to all linked tables. As you see it is taking the connection string from a field named ConnectionString in a local table named SettingsTable, but you can modify it to hard code it as a constant in the function itself (I used a public function so it could be called from the AutoExec macro).
    Public Function vcLinkTableDefs()
    Dim dbs As DAO.Database
    Dim tdf As DAO.TableDef
    Dim strNewConnectionString As String
    On Error Resume Next
      Set dbs = CurrentDb()
      ' Loop through TableDefs collection, only processing
      ' the table if it already has a Connection property.
      ' (all other tables are local ... not linked)
      For Each tdf In dbs.TableDefs
        If tdf.Connect <> "" Then
        strNewConnectionString = DLookup("[ConnectionString]", "[SettingsTable]")
            If tdf.Connect <> strNewConnectionString Then
                tdf.Connect = strNewConnectionString
            End If
        End If
    End Function
    If your front-end is linked to multiple back-ends then you need to create a table (tblLinkedTables) with SourceTableName,DestinationTableName,ConnectionStr ing as fields. Once you have that you simply loop though it and refresh the links.

    Vlad Cucinschi
    MS Access Developer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Fitz View Post
    Instead of writing your own code, perhaps you could use JStreets auto relinker:
    Thanks Bob,

    It looks interesting.... I will try with this. Thanks for support.....regards,

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