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    Query Date Based on Offset Hours (5AM-4:49AM next day = 1 day)

    New to Access but I've managed to build a pretty complex database and form to retrieve information, however, I need to adjust my query to include offset hours from a specific date.

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    My 2nd shift employees work from 5PM through 2AM, so per the image above, rather than having 2 lines for every employee who worked into the next business day, I'd like to combine his two rows into one, starting with hour 0 into the next date. Problem is that I haven't one clue how to manage this.

    My Hour field is basically a count of actions per hour for every employee. Here's my query:

    SELECT DISTINCT Table_All_Data.Date, Max(Table_All_Data.Hour) AS MaxOfHour, Table_All_Data.HMTTYP, Max(Table_All_Data.HMPQTY) AS MaxOfHMPQTY, Table_All_Data.HMBLDG, Table_All_Data.USDESC, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=0,[HMQTY])) AS Hour0, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=1,[HMQTY])) AS Hour1, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=2,[HMQTY])) AS Hour2, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=3,[HMQTY])) AS Hour3, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=4,[HMQTY])) AS Hour4, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=5,[HMQTY])) AS Hour5, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=6,[HMQTY])) AS Hour6, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=7,[HMQTY])) AS Hour7, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=8,[HMQTY])) AS Hour8, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=9,[HMQTY])) AS Hour9, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=10,[HMQTY])) AS Hour10, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=11,[HMQTY])) AS Hour11, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=12,[HMQTY])) AS Hour12, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=13,[HMQTY])) AS Hour13, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=14,[HMQTY])) AS Hour14, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=15,[HMQTY])) AS Hour15, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=16,[HMQTY])) AS Hour16, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=17,[HMQTY])) AS Hour17, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=18,[HMQTY])) AS Hour18, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=19,[HMQTY])) AS Hour19, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=20,[HMQTY])) AS Hour20, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=21,[HMQTY])) AS Hour21, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=22,[HMQTY])) AS Hour22, Sum(IIf([HOUR]=23,[HMQTY])) AS Hour23, Format([DATE],"m/d/yy") AS Formated_Date, Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace([USDESC],"WAREHOUSE SU",""),"WAREHOUSE T",""),"WAREHOUSE",""),"WAREHOUS",""),"WAREHOU",""),"WAREHO",""),"SUPERVISOR",""),"BLD 2",""),"-",""),"    ",""),"   ",""),"  ","") & " (" & LTrim([HMBLDG]) & ")" AS Formatted_User
    FROM Table_All_Data
    WHERE (((Table_All_Data.USDESC)=Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Associate) And ((Table_All_Data.HMTTYP)=Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Activity) And ((Table_All_Data.HMBLDG)=Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Bldg)) Or (((Table_All_Data.USDESC)=Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Associate) And ((Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Activity) Is Null)) Or (((Table_All_Data.HMTTYP)=Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Activity) And ((Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Associate) Is Null)) Or (((Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Activity) Is Null) And ((Forms![Productivity Search]!FromForm_Associate) Is Null))
    GROUP BY Table_All_Data.Date, Table_All_Data.HMTTYP, Table_All_Data.HMBLDG, Table_All_Data.USDESC, Format([DATE],"m/d/yy")
    HAVING (((Table_All_Data.Date) Between [Forms]![Productivity Search]![FromForm_StartDate] And [Forms]![Productivity Search]![FromForm_EndDate]))
    ORDER BY Table_All_Data.USDESC, Table_All_Data.DATE;
    Any guidance, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've searched, but unfortunately my particular request isn't a popular one.

    Thank you!

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    I might have a field in the table for "WorkDate" or something. We have a similar situation but normally our data is entered by that date, so the association is already there. In your case, a calculated field might work. I don't know your structure (and don't download from unknown locations), but something like:

    IIf(TimeValue(FieldName) < #5:00:00#, [Date] - 1, [Date])

    Date is a bad idea as a field name, as it can conflict with the built-in Date() function.

    Also, you may be able to accomplish this with a crosstab query instead of all the formulas.
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