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    How to make an autorefreshing?

    Hi to all,

    i have a main form wich is an overview and has a sub form related to a querry composed with some fields of the AGENT table and PROBLEM table. Each one of these tables has its related form: AGENT_FORM and PROBLEM_FORM.

    Actually the previous datas are refreshing every time Icreate a new data entry.

    I would like that my overview form is refreshed with every entry of single data in the AGENT_FORM and PROBLEM_FORM.

    I've heard about Me.Recalc or Me.query but i'm brand new in access programming and I don't really now where and how to use it. I most use the expressions already proposed by Access, and I have avoided VBE programming... until now.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Please reply.

    Oki dok. This is kind of hard to explain without you telling me which field you would like to refresh, so what is the name of the field you would like to refresh? When would you like it to be refreshed?

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    Thanks for the help I will try to be clear.

    Here are my tables with their related fields:

    Pb_ID / Status / Client Nr / Date / raison of status / Problem / Problem description / Land.
    (linked 1 to many with the AGENT_table, using Pb_ID)
    cause for 1 problem we can have many actions (interventions) from different agents

    Aktion_ID / Pb_id / Aktion / Date / Agent


    here are my forms with their related fields:

    Subform(Status, raison of status, Problem, Client Nr, Date, Agent, Problem) it's conected to a query composed with the field of the PROBLEM_Table and the "Agent" field of the ACTION_Table

    Status, Client Nr, Date, Raison of Status, Problem, Problem description, Land.
    Subform(Aktion, date, Agent)

    i would like an interactivity between both forms:
    I would like that the supervisor visualizes at the same moment, on the SUPERVISOR_FORM the changement made by the agents on the AGENT FORM, and that the agents are abble to see the changements of the supervisor made on the fields "Status" and "Raison of status" from the SUPERVISOR_FORM

    Pfiuu! hope that's helping
    thanks a lot once again

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