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    I almost never use a make table query - once in a great while I use one to not have to type all of the field names. (being lazy)
    I do as June suggests - delete records and add new records.

    Maybe you could post the dB? Change/Delete sensitive data first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by June7 View Post
    An alternative to repeatedly deleting and creating table is table is permanent (in frontend of split database) and records are deleted/appended.
    Hey Guys
    Am so embarrass have been at it all day, the code works i literally built the function all over. Some how i was looking through some codes as am gaining some more experience in vba i tried this one and i got confuse
    when i click the macros as a test it give me a prompt to delete i then click no and the error showed up... now remember the function is to delete and appended therefore when halting the deletion part of the sql you get a runtime error am guessing because another part of the function in sql is to append simultaneously so macros read function as incomplete.... i saw this and probably got confuse... For me not to get the prompt i have to go in client setting and unclick check box for Action queries

    Another thing ssanfu was on point lil bit lol... Name is [Name] adjustment was made works like this in code some how in my confusion i kept editing the code and that's where all the problems started
    All this because am trying to get the difference not between one_date but two_date fields and that's another thread in this Forum

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    >>For me not to get the prompt i have to go in client setting and unclick check box for Action queries

    Other (better) options are using SetWarnings or the Execute method. More here:
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