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    Blank lines in a report


    I have a new problem. I have a form (frmDE) that has its field where I input the data, which goes into a query (qryDE) and stored on a table (tblDE). Now comes the problem on my report (rptDE), how do I automatically insert a blank line in the report if a new date is started on the form?

    So basically on my form, I input lets just say 3 Nov 2020, 4 Nov 2020, and 5 Nov 2020. Then when I print preview the report I would like to have it show the following:

    3 Nov 2020
    -blank line here-
    4 Nov 2020
    -blank line here-
    5 Nov 2020


    Any ideas? I have scoured everything I can and I am thinking it will come down to something in conditional formatting, but I do not know how to write the expression, unless I am entirely in the wrong ballpark.

    Anyway thank you in advance.

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    Make a footer in the date field group.
    make the gap as big as you want.

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    Thank you. It helped with that aspect.

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