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    Finding Entries with no contributions

    I am trying to create a report that will show members that have not made any contributions the past year.

    I already have a report and query that gives me all members who contributed during the year along with the totals in each category and a grand total for the year for each member.

    The report omits all those who have not made any contributions for the year.

    What I would like is to be able to report the opposite as well, is a separate report that would give me a list of all who have not contributed this year.

    How do I pull out that information? I'm stumped!

    I have 2 tables in the database, one for membership information and a second for contribution categories and amounts. They are linked by the member unique ID

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    Do a left Join from the members table to the payments.

    Under the payments MemberID field put the criteria in as Is Null

    SELECT tbl_Members.* Left Join tblPayments On tbl_Members.MemberID = tbl_Payments.MemberID 
    WHERE tbl_Payments.MemberID Is Null
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