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    Query specific times across days

    Hi All!

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way to query a certain set time across multiple days. Example we have three shifts (Days 7AM - 3PM, Afternoons 3PM - 11PM and Nights 11PM - 7AM) I want to pull the records for each shift and count the quantity of boxes received.

    Right now I have a form where you select your date to and date from. I also have three separate queries (days, afternoon nights). The problem is night shift goes from 11PM - 7AM the next day and when I run the query it pulls 0 records. I am just using a basic criteria for the shifts. It works for days and afternoons but not nights. example: day shift would be: >"07:00" And <"15:00" afternoons would be >"15:00" And <"23:00".

    Any idea if this is possible to query across multiple days but only a certain time frame?


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    make a base query Q1, to split the Datefield into 2 fields: date0, Time0
    Date0: format([datefld],"mm/dd/yyyy"), Time0: format([datefld],"hh:mm")

    then Q2 , use Q1 to run your search on the date range and time ranges
    Date0 between #date1# and #date2" and time0 between #time1# and #time2#

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