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    External source synchronisation to SharePoint list

    Good day everyone,

    I'm new to Access and would like to know if it is possible to setup an automate synchronisation reading data from SQL database to automatically update a SharePoint list.

    My scenario is the following:

    I have created in access external data connection to few SQL server tables. Then linked them as needed in Access.
    I created a query to append some columns from the results in a SharePoint list. (SharePoint Online)

    I would like to have my SharePoint list automatically updated by any changes occurring in the source SQL tables. (Read only connection, I don't want to update anything in the SQL database from SharePoint).

    I'd like a refresh rate quite close to real time, perhaps few minutes.

    I'd like to have it refreshed even when I'm off work and my computer shutoff.

    So far I'm able to manually refresh but I can't find how to automate that part

    Could someone tell if it is possible to develop such solution?

    If possible, could you please provide me with some direction?

    If not possible, could you please provide me with direction to an alternate solution?

    Thanks in advance for your support
    Have a good day


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    If this is a SQL server you have access to why not do it directly from SQL server and schedule a script or trigger to do the SharePoint bit from there?

    No need to involve Access, and the SQL server will be running all the time.
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    In Access you could have a separate Access file with a form with a timer that calls your update query or routine, but that might interfere with you regular use of the database by the users as it would place some locks while doing it. And you will need to leave it open all the time.

    The best would be as Minty suggested to do it in the SQL server with a scheduled SQL Agent job (linking your Sharepoint as a linked server):
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