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    Post MS Access Over VPN in Windows 10 (Windows 7 was Ok)

    Hi to anyone who can help,

    I build MS Access Apps and plan to move to PowerApps, except I have quite a few in MS Access. The one I have been working on was operating fine over VPN on Windows 7. It is a split database with a server back end. There were minimal issues. Our company has changed to Windows 10 and MS Access does not work the same. My main problem is with INSERT queries. I have tried:
    1. Persistent Connection with recordset (I am connecting to two split back ends)- helps somewhat
    2. Limiting records in large tables when I can archive some (may help a small amount)
    3. Removing all but the necessary queries (all "nice to haves" are removed)
    4. Using a DLookup with "TOP 1" when a recordset is not needed (I believe the DLookup likely uses a recordset, but the TOP 1 works fast. I call that an ELookup. I can share the function if anyone is interested.
    5. Opening tables just prior to using them. No effect.
    6. Opening a hidden form with data from the linked table. (Unsure if it is helpful. Can't really tell.)
    7. Limiting the number of fields added --- no effect.

    I did find however that the first update to a table can hang a little while (the first time), but after that, it generally is fine. Why would that be? Am I creating an incorrect persistent connection?

    I have functions that time everything.

    I have zero trouble writing to a text file on the server.

    My thought is that if I do not come up with an answer, working on Python scripts to read the text file and then update the backend every few minutes would be the way to go.

    Do anyone have any other solutions?

    It is odd that it worked on Windows 7 ok but not on Windows 10.

    Thank you for solutions and comments.


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    I use access on win10 over VPN and never had problems.
    Tho, due to upgrades, we have folks in two versions of office, so we DO have to keep the users separate.
    1 group on off15 ,and the other on off16.
    when they share the same app,the libraries don't like it.

    so we must code in off15 only.
    then when someone opens it in off16, it self-upgrades itself with new libraries. You just cant do it backwards.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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