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    Export/Import table to sql server read only?

    I am old to MS access / vba, but new to sql server. I tried to "export" a table to sql server from access and then link in access. It is read only to access. Then I tried to import from sql server and the linked table is still read only to access. I had a friend help me create a table on sql server... that one is read/write when linked to access.

    For the import / export exercises, I can edit the tables from SSMS but not access

    What am I doing wrong? Any way to change the tables so I can edit in access?

    It is so much easier to import/export than create a query!

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    it could be:
    you dont have rights to append recs,
    you are misisng a 'key' field that is required for the data to add.

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    I tried a simple table... 1 column = ID (autonumber primary key) and 1 column text field. Not able to edit the data or add new record

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    Not a whole lot to go on...

    Did you create an ODBC connection? 32 bit or 64 bit?
    What authentication are you using?

    I'm guessing you are using SQLSE - installed on a Win Server on a LAN? On the same computer as Access?
    In Access you linked to the SQL table through the ODBC connection?

    To me, it sounds like a permissions problem....
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    Did you check ranman's second suggestion? The table in SQL Server must have a primary key defined or it will be read only in Access.
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    You can't have an Access autonumber field for ID. If you need an automatic counter, create a int field on SQL server with identity specification. That's the SQL answer for an autonumber.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    When linking the table to access, it normally will take autmatically the PK from the SQL table as PK in Access.

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