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    excel table linked: can it be modified?

    I have an excel workbook, one of the sheets contains a long list of people, whose data I use in the access project. The file is linked to access via
    doCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acLink, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel12Xml, "LibroSoci", _
                ExcelPath & "Libro Soci.xlsm", True, "LibroSoci!"
    where LibroSoci is the sheet I am interested in. Most of the time the table is used to get info (e.g. filling a combo box in a form), but in rare occasions I would like to chenge a couple of fields in a record:

     sql1 = "SELECT  * FROM LibroSoci WHERE [Numero tessera] = " & NTes
        Set rstLibroSoci = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sql1)
        If Month(nDate) > 8 Then
                                rstLibroSoci![Quota associativa] = Year(nDate) + 1
                                rstLibroSoci![Quota associativa] = Year(nDate)
        End If
        If Me.Nuova_TessElett <> "" Then rstLibroSoci![Tessera Elettronica  n] = Me.Nuova_TessElett
        Set rstLibroSoci = Nothing

    This code does not work, complaining that the table is readonly. Maybe I am missing something basic here. Linking a table implies it being readonly? And is there any different way to do what I do? And, is the original excel workbook open to edit in Excel?
    Thanks for your patience in explaining something maybe elementary I am overlooking.

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    either alter the excel doc IN excel. (but you cant have it open in access at the time)
    import the data from excel and work in Access. then keep importing new excel data.

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    Thanks. I read somewhere that Microsoft removed the possibility of modifying excel data from access due to some copyright reasons, starting from office 2003. I have to think of something: importing the data, modifying in access and re-export at the end can be a solution, except for the fact that the excel file might be changed in the meantime, and re-exporting the file from access might overwrite the other changes. I have to think about it. Thanks for your attention

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