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    Access Novice Taking On Large Project - Need Guidance

    Greetings Access Geniuses,

    I am currently in the midst of conversation over at about a large database project I am working on.

    I will post the most recent updates here, but if you want to download the database for your own review, you'll have to go over to the other forum. By the way, this is NOT an advertisement. I am a real person with a real, significant, and immediate need of as much assistance as possible for this project.

    Before I go on, a few things about me. Though I am in the legal profession, my technological background is very strong, including a high level of proficiency with MS Office apps with the exception of Access. I know my way around the program (the result of its homogeneity with the rest of Office), but have not made a real database in the past. I also do not know any programming languages.

    I have recently indulged in an Access crash course of sorts, including some book and online study on things like planning, design, and normalization, but I am still having difficulty wrapping my head around making it work.

    That said, the link to the other discussion is:

    Feel free to gloss over it to see how things have progressed. Below is a paste of my most recent substantive post. Any help anyone can give me is of great value to me and I really, really appreciate it.

    Hi Everyone,

    Attached is the most updated version of my database project for your review. I have also attached a sample of the output we would like to have for each product. This sample is not based on actual data, but it clearly shows what we are trying to achieve via a form of some sort. More on this in a minute.

    The following changes have been made to the DB:

    -Changed tblTrustProspectusVersion to include the appropriate data, based on our business model.
    -Added descriptions to all non-PK fields.
    -Created relationships to illustrate how things fit together. Note that these are NOT the actual relationships, but are for illustrative purposes to help everyone here (including myself) further understand how things fit together.

    Our Business:

    I am part of my company's legal department. Our team handles a number of different things primarily associated with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). filings. We have two major product lines. Everything that happens with one in this DB happens with the other as well.

    Each product within a product line has certain features and other necessary information we need to see when doing our filings (see the attached sample output). These features and necessities include, but are not limited to, various statuses, various numbers associated with the SEC, various important dates, etc.

    In addition, each product has a certain "fund lineup" associated with it. These funds are made up of two components: the name of the fund (aka "portfolio") and the name of the subadvisor to that fund.

    Further, each of these funds is associated with a certain Trust. The SEC requires us to send prospectuses to clients based on these Trusts, which, as I mentioned, are comprised of the said funds.

    Basically, we need to be able to select a product from a drop-down list and have all of the aforementioned information populate instantly.

    Before I close, one question with respect to my "tblProductFeatures". Like I mentioned, each product has a certain set of features associated with it. Each feature has a certain fee associated with it. These features come in four basic categories: Living Benefits + fees, Death Benefits + fees; Maintenance fees (just short list of the possible fees); and 12b-1 fees (another short list of fees).

    Since the features can be so easily broken down, should I add them to their own tables?

    Please consider this as you give your advice on how to acheive my desired goal.

    I hope this makes sense.

    And again, thank you all so very much for your help thus far.



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    You need an Access Professional, not me. I won't try to sell you anything.

    If you contact me at my e-mail I'll be glad to explain in private conversation. Just remind me what it is in reference to

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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