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    Web forms to Azure SQL back-end with Access front-end

    Not quite sure where to post this so thought I'd start here as Azure SQL is a big component.

    We are looking to build a solution that will allow us to capture data from online forms and to sync data both ways, more or less directly, to a database back-end.

    The forms have to be web-based, with little or no coding, and the db preferably SQL Server on Azure.

    It also has to be able to be white-labelled.

    We have looked at a lot of no-code forms tools, like Jotform, but they don't have database connectivity, without using a connectivity tool such as Zapier.

    I have setup a small SQL Azure db with ODBC connection through linked tables to Access front-end. Now I just need to tool do develop the forms.

    So my question is, does anyone here have experience with this and can point me to the right web forms tool for doing this?

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    Hi tj, maybe this is more a question for a web development forum. Most development tools can link to SQL server.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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