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    Advanced form design - calendar design, unbound controls

    I'm trying to design an interface, which displays 14 days of scheduling data as 14 columns,... and say 10 rows of installers.

    Each cell would display a piece of job data, or multiple if there were multiple jobs for that installer on that day.
    Clicking on a cell would launch a new form to allow the creation of a new item, or edit an existing item.
    And eventually, drag/drop one cell location to another to change the installer or date would be neat.
    The list of installers is dynamic and might change from month to month.

    My suggestion on how to achieve this, would be to use unbound text boxes, and a lot of code.
    14 x 10 = 140 cells, but I think 100 text boxes would be a start, there is not always a job on every day, and some jobs can span over multiple days. So one text box can have a width of say 3x cells.

    There is a similar solution that has been done this way:

    I'm interested to hear any feedback/suggestions.
    Or if there is an easier way.
    Hoping the performance to grab the data, arrange the controls and paint the data would not be too slow.

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    The simple way is use a query in the date range,then use a Crosstab query on that. But it won't be as robust as the example.

    2nd way is make a 'report' table ,that has the columns, then run 7 append queries to fill the Days of Week.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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