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    Can I insert a record in the middle of a table with auto number as primary key

    I want to create a simple table. It's going to be an inventory table. It has an auto number field that is the primary key and will be the part number. It includes the size of each item in a separate field. This could be a single number in feet or inches, or something like 4' x 8' in feet or inches. I want the sizes to be in order as I view the table. Say I have 20 records entered, then need to add a new part that is in between a couple sizes that have already been entered. Is there any way to insert that item between 2 records that have already been entered? I don't care if the primary key field is in order? This is just something simple, quick and fast so I'd like to avoid writing queries if possible because that's a weak area for me anyway.

    Thank you for any advice!!

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    Queries are an important tool that you should probably learn, but you could sort the table on your size field instead of the autonumber field.
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    order is relative, however you want to sort it.
    autonum is auto, you cant add your own.

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    Ok, thank you both! It would be hard to sort by size I think because of the way different sizes are entered. Some are a single number with double quotes behind them (for inches) and some are 2 numbers like 4 x 8 etc.. I do know how to use some queries. In fact i just learned how to use a simple append query and an update query. It's just slow and a weak point for me. I know I need to learn them better lol I ended up adding a sequence field that I increment by 10 for each record and I will set that field to whatever number I need it to be to order the parts by ordering by the field. Thank you both for your replies!

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    Just a thought.
    Add a field for length and a field for width. Then use a standardized dimension such as inches. Then sort on those 2 fields. You can keep and display your simplified dimensions ie. 4X8 if needed.
    Heres a link on sorting by 2 fields . . .

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