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    Check Link to DB tables and re-link

    Hi to everyone.

    I have a DB consist of two files, one with the front end forms and the other with all the tables.
    I need to create a procedure with VBA code that checks the links to the tables and eventually relink all of them to the front end file.
    Any suggestions?


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    Why do you need relink? Check the links for what?

    Here's a start:
    Public Sub SetTableLinks()
    'Relink tables with UNC pathing
    'Use the variables provided to do the manipulations desired
    Dim td As TableDef
    Dim db As DAO.Database
    Dim strOld As String
    Dim strNew As String
    'replace the following strings as needed
    'strOld = "R:\Lab\Database\Data\LabData.accdb"
    strOld = "C:\Users\June\DOT\Lab\Data\LabData.accdb"
    strNew = "C:\Users\Owner\June\DOT\Lab\Data\LabData.accdb"
    Set db = CurrentDb
    For Each td In db.TableDefs
        If InStr(td.Connect, strOld) > 0 Then
            Debug.Print td.Name
            Debug.Print "Old Link: " & td.Connect
            td.Connect = Replace(td.Connect, strOld, strNew)
            Debug.Print "New Link: " & td.Connect
        End If
    Next td
    End Sub

    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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    I used a table rather than hard coding the value. That way if they changed the server name, or we got absorbed by a different business unit (which happened a few times). It's easier to update a table IMHO rather than having to modify and redistribute front ends.
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