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    combining data from two tables

    I am trying to do price sheets for a customer.

    A manufacturer gave me 2 Excel spreadsheets.

    The first is a complete listing of product ID, Desc, and normal pricing.

    The second is deviated pricing for select customers on (approx) 200 of 2,000 products.

    I would like to pull this into Access and either:

    Make a new table with all the products with original pricing for the 1800 items and the deviated pricing for the 200


    Write a query to pull form both tables with the correct pricing. So that I can then do a report with all the pricing.

    Inner and outer joins don't really work because I need parts of each table.

    Can someone point me in the right direction.



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    you can make a UNION query to pull data from 2 different tbls.
    select a,b,c from table1
    select d,e,f from table2

    NOTE: both queries must have identical field types in the same order of each other. (field names aren't relevant)

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    Import the two Excel spreadsheets into Access.

    Do you want to replace the pricing of the products that are identical with the discounted price?
    It sounds like each table has the same "product Id", so you could:

    1) Have the table with the 2,000 records and
    2) run an UPDATE query to update the 200 products updates with the deviated price products from the table with the 200 products. Note: the original price would be gone.

    Or you could add another field to the table with 2,000 products and run the UPDATE query to update the new field with the deviated product price.
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