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    Undo record when switching to design view

    In designing a new form in my test database, I have to move from form to design view constantly. When I click "Design View" I get the error that I must enter a value in the primary key field. In production when a user clicks "Close" I just Undo the form. How can I avoid that error when going to design view or clicking the "X" to exit?

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    Add your undo to the unload event (don't forget to take it out when deploying into production).

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    You shouldn't have to do that. Is your PK field an Autonumber? It should be.

    Microsoft Access Tables: Primary Key Tips and Techniques

    Purpose: Use an AutoNumber field to provide a unique value that serves no other purpose than to make each record unique. The most common use for an AutoNumber field is as a primary key.

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