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    Finding gaps in a timeseries

    I'm a little bit new to access so forgive me if I ask stupid questions. I'm currently compiling weather station data and have a database with approx. 1.5 million entries. The data is recorded every five minutes however there are gaps in the timeseries and I'm trying to find a way to identify where they are based on the timestamp. Is there a simple method for this? Here is an example of the dataClick image for larger version. 

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    What do you want to do once you know which slots are missing
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    A couple of general approach thoughts for consideration that would highlight issues
    Using the minute value of the records
    'determine if the minute value is divisible by 5 for general cleanliness
    ' check if the minute value is 0 (on the hour) then previous value should be 55
    'check for 5 minutes between values rec(i) -rec(i-1)

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    you can do this with a query to identify records which do not have one that follows in 5 minutes by joining the table to itself on location.

    However as with this post with much the same question

    you need to be clear about the data you have. Your tablename would appear to imply a single location, but that infringes normalisation best practice. but based on what you have provided - i.e. there is only one location/measuring point in the table the solution might be as below. Also be aware the code provided below only looks for a single instances of a missing time - if there are two or more missing times next to each other, only the first one is reported - and of course the very last record will be reported since there is no later record. So as Bob says - you need to be clear about what it is you want reporting.

    SELECT dateadd("n",5,S.measurementtime) AS Missing
    FROM Weatherstation AS S LEFT JOIN Weatherstation AS E ON dateadd("n",5,S.measurementtime)= E.measurementtime
    WHERE E.measurementtime is null
    Note this uses a non standard join so cannot be created in the query builder, you need to use sql. But there is a small cheat. In the query builder, just join on the measuremetime field and then go to sql builder and replace the join.

    You say you have 1.5m records - so make sure your measurementtime field is indexed otherwise it will be painfully slow

    Time can also be quite difficult to join on because it is stored as a decimal number - the number of seconds divided by 86400, the number of seconds in a day - so 5 mins=300 seconds/86400 is a pretty small number and you might just get some rounding differences - you'll need to try it and see.

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