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    Dear Friends

    I am having issue regarding attaching files in Sharepoint online from other computers. We are using the database from our local machines.

    I am able to upload files in share point online however when my colleagues try to upload getting error "76, Path not found".

    I already added Microsoft Scripting Runtime from library in my code and even my colleagues have added all those libraries.

    error in this line

    FSO.CopyFile Source:=LocalAddress, Destination:=savepath & attName & "." & FileExt


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    What are you setting savepath to?

    My understanding is that a SharePoint style URL won't work from the file scripting object.
    You need a UNC path (which is slightly different) or a mapped drive location.

    Edit - more info here:
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    My savepath is

    savepath = "\\\sites\HRM-MRPODatabase\MRPDB_Attachments"

    Source = Me.AttachMemo.Value

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