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    Image Control - Picture Orientation


    I have a form with an img ctl for a preview. Sometimes a photo is displayed 90 degrees out of orientation. I suspect Access is trying to orient the image to maximize space in the control... Or is this EXIF data?

    Essentially, I need to ensure every preview (thousands of images) are displayed properly and oriented correctly in the control, just as they are in Windows photo viewer, etc.


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    This could be EXIF data - you don't say what you're comparing them with against the view in Access. If it's between Access and a camera preview, the camera may be rotating the images automatically, thus they really are not as shown. However, if you're comparing between Access and Windows File Explorer, then focus on a few images that don't seem to show in Access as they show in File Explorer. Note those that don't seem right in Access, then go into Explorer and rebuild your icon cache - if you're looking at icons. You can do this by switching the view to list, then back to icon view. You might find that all of a sudden, the FE views for those files have changed. This can happen if you rotate an image in an app; the FE cache may not show the image as rotated, but Access will pick it up and show a different view.
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