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    Question Sharing Tables with other Tables - VB.NET

    Afternoon All

    I have come across an issue with sending data to my database which I'd appreciate some help on if possible. My knowledge of databases and how they talk to each other is reather limited so apologies if this is a stupid quesiton.

    Essentially I'm building a pretty big database with a VB.NET front end for generating quote for projects, and then makin those quotes 'live' when it is accepted and we can start work on the prohect. I can store information in table 'tblQuotes' no problem, but when I go to the next level I'm getting an error message about table 'tblProjects'. Now I can kind of understand why it's unhappy, but I'm a tad clueless as to how to get around this without duplicating dozens of tables, one set for Quotes and one set for Live Projects.

    As you can see, the information contained within Quotes and Projects is near identical (but this could change at that level as this develops), so it seems daft to double up the number of tables below.

    Any and all assistance most welcome.

    Thanks very much


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    I would just add a new date field to tblQuotes named ProjectApprovedOn (maybe also a text field for ProjectApprovedBy), move the ProjectRef field to tblQuotes and get rid of tblProjects. When you need to distinguish between Quotes and Projects just use the new date field to show Quotes (SELECT * From tblQuotes Where ProjectApprovedOn Is Null) or Projects (SELECT * From tblQuotes Where ProjectApprovedOn Is Not Null).

    Vlad Cucinschi
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    I also suspect you don't need all those link tables, just include BuildersworksID, ContainmentID etc in your tblZones table.

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