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    best fit scenario

    Hi, I manufacture products of various lengths, which are cut from a 5m length item. eg 5m length has a 1.2m and a 2.8m cut from it, leaving a surplus of 1.0m. I could have a length .9m which fits the 1.0 surplus, however, if a need a 0.6m length,then its best to use a fresh 5m length as 0.4m would be unsuitable to leave as waste. How can I incorporate this in vba code for it to work in access. I was told it was a "Best fit" scenario, but cant find anything on google, unless I have used the wrong search term. Thanks

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    Check out youtube for best fit bin packing

    Here's a link to firstfit and first fit decreasing algorithms.

    Instead off packing into a bin, you are cutting from a given length of stock.

    I found a link to a similar question that may be of some help.
    Good luck.

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